Karen Neville Award! Fall events in the Library!

Congratulations to Karen Neville!  Karen is our Cataloging and Technical Services Library faculty and she received the Colorado Association of Librarian’s “Unsung Hero” award on October 20th.  This award celebrates those people behind the scenes who give unselfishly to their libraries or library community. It is meant to honor those persons who don’t receive recognition or thanks because their work is unseen or goes unnoticed.  Karen does terrific “magic” all behind the scenes in the library catalog, network and webpage!

Fall 2017 events in the Library include “The Great Ideas of the Reformation”, a presentation and discussion by a panel of History and Theology faculty.  This is Tuesday, Oct 17, 4:30 pm.  This is a Reformation 500 commemoration event and offers extra credit for Chapel.

On Thursday, November 2nd, at 2:30 pm, we celebrate two faculty’s publication success at our Psalm 33.3 time.  Dr. Mary Boardman and Dr. Mellani Day recently published the Handbook of Research Methodologies and Design in Neuroentrepreneurship with the Edward Elgar Publishing company!  Come find out more about neuroentrepreneurship and celebrate with a brief presentation, a reception and some “brain games”!

Every Thursday at 2:30 a librarian or Michael offers Psalm 33, a time of creativity, interactivity, collaboration and fun.  Each Psalm 33 is different and we build with Legos, play board games, play role-playing games, learn ukuleles, take history walks, color and “who knows?”

LNSH or Late Night Study Hall is Mon, Dec 4 and Tues, Dec 5, when the library stays open to 2 am to encourage students to study hard, have some fun and finish well.

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