Summer update

The library launches summertime projects and travel to conferences, mission trips and vacations. It’s more quiet but still busy – we have our list of projects for sure!  One librarian is joining a CCU2THEWORLD mission trip to Equador and I will attend the “Snezek Library Leadership Institute”, a Council of Christian Colleges and Universities Library Directors institute and named after Wheaton librarian, Paul Snezek, who was a mentor to several of our group. Additionally we will enjoy family travels, hosting visitors and Colorado summer activities.  Have a great summer!
Gayle Gunderson

It’s an “April Showers” of events!

It’s an “April Showers” of events where we celebrate National Library Week from April 11- 15 and we have a lot going on!  We have beautiful art on display already (through May 4th).
On Monday the 11th and Friday the 15th we offer Fines Forgiveness (up to $10); on Tuesday we will enjoy “Story Time” with the Children’s Literature class (12:15 pm); on Wednesday a panel of 7 faculty  will present on their publishing experiences (3:15 pm); on Thursday in the evening we have a live Art Demo by John Stadler from 5-7 pm and an Art Lecture by Dr. Sharon Mar Adams, “Aesthetic Theology, Contemplation and Devotion” (7-8 pm).  The following week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (April 18-20) it’s LNSH (Late Night Study Hall) where we’re open until 2 AM for students to FOCUS and FINISH!   Pick one or all and join us!

View Biblical Art in the library through May!

The Library is hosting a special installation of art from the Religious Academy and Biblically Based Fine Art artists from March 4-May 4.  Please come to enjoy this beautiful art available all hours we’re open.

Library branding

“Open your world”-“Where you can!”-“My library, my lifeline”-“Everything you’re into” /

These are library slogans! It’s time that the CCU Clifton Fowler Library had a good slogan.  Please find on this page our contest to help us do just that – see “Are you creative” on this page and submit your winning entry!  Thank you for your support of the library, librarians and staff.

Lockers now available to stash and go!

Michael Aman by lockers 2016Need to stash your stuff and go?  The library now has lockers for you to do just that!  These are available for a 24 hour checkout period and we even offer a small, medium and large lockers.  Just ask for a key at the Checkout Desk.  Michael Aman, library student staff, likes the new lockers!

Patron comments and responses

Patron comment  (Jan 4th):  Individual study rooms in the library need to be available to reserve online from the library’s website.

Our comment:  Thank you for your suggestion.  We have 6 study rooms in the library open for anyone, anytime.  Three of them have computers.  Currently they are not reserve-able as are the two group conference rooms.  We haven’t observed a necessity to make them reserve-able but we will monitor that activity.

Coming soon – lockers where you can secure your items!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Please enjoy reading about our library staff’s family traditions – from reading Christmas books snuggled together on the family couch, participating in Los Posadas, finding surprises on St. Nicholas Day, shopping in Georgetown to the box-chucking contest at the Henry’s or closing the drapes one full day to imagine and dream of a white Christmas outside — we all enjoy some same and some different traditions!  Many of our traditions include a special food or treat, of course!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our community!

LNSH is Nov 30, Dec 1 and 2!

LNSH?  That’s Late Night Study Hall!  The library will be open until 2 AM on Mon Nov 30th, Tues Dec 1st and Wed Dec 2nd with a librarian available for research help and snacks and goodies to keep you going. Come on over and buckle down to do your prep and paper writing for finals week.  Need to reserve a conference room for your group study?  We have two available and you can reserve them through the button above, “Reserve a Room”.  Have an early class?  Just don’t stay so late. 🙂

EXIGENCY Missions Week!

Enjoy these photos from CCU2THEWORLD Missions trips and from David Bosworth family’s Mission Trip (Greece) from Summer 2015. The trips range from Utah to NYC, Ecuador to Thailand, as well as Greece, Fiji, India, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia!

EXIGENCY Missions week at CCU is focused on equipping CCU students and staff to think globally and to participate in God’s redemptive story cross-culturally; that there is a place in missions for all of us.

Year of the Bible Display of Bibles and artifacts from the Museum of the Bible

Colorado Christian University celebrates the Year of the bible in 2015-2016!  The CCU Library has on display a variety of translations, versions and types of Bibles along with Museum of the Bible artifacts including an Erasmus New Testament, 1516, a Torah Scroll from Russia, 1850, an Ethiopic Gospel of John,a Geneva Bible 1603, Martin Luther Old Testament in German 1524, a Vulgate Bible in Latin, 1230-1240, a King James Version Quarto, 1762 and a Yad, 1820.

Steve Green, owner of Hobby Lobby and founder of the Museum of the Bible, will speak on “The Bible in America: A Look at the Influence and Impact the bible has had on America and the World”, Leprino Hall 170/172 on Tuesday, October 13.  Please see this NPR article about Steve Green and the exciting Museum of the Bible opening in 2017 in Washington, D. C.MOTB logo_small