CCU Review of Books, Culture, Media, Life

The September 2019 CCU Review is now available!  The CCU Review is a “values-driven journal of peer-reviewed scholarly and creative work published by the Office of the President and the Communications and Creative Services Department.” It offers a collection of reviews and essays by our faculty.  In this issue there are reviews of The Coddling of the American Mind, reviewed by Dr. Ryan Hartwig; The Diary of a Young Girl, reviewed by Dr. William Watson; Mere Christianity, reviewed by Dr. Kevin Turner; On Reading Well, reviewed by Dr. Janet Black; Out Where the West Begins, reviewed by Dr. Donald W. Sweeting; The Right Side of History, reviewed by Dr. Tom Copeland; This We Proclaim, reviewed by Dr. Megan Devore; and Unplanned reviewed by Dr. Jill Mcelheny.


Welcome to the fall 2019 semester!

The faculty at the library welcomes all new and returning faculty and students back for the fall semester!  Hang onto your hats, here we go!

The Library upgraded a core Ebsco academic database, Academic Search Premier, to Academic Search Complete to foster greater resource exploration!

Library shortcuts: being a small library we all do everything, but for efficiency, here’s who to go to for when you’d like to:

  1. Schedule a Librarian visit for your class ~ Briana  (
  2. Request a new item ~ Oliver    (oschulz)
  3. Help with database, tutorials and web pages ~ Shane  (sratzell) and Brian (bwright)
  4. Add a Reserve item ~ Michael (mjaman)
  5. “All other” and Dean of the Library ~ Gayle (ggunderson)

Lastly, here are student’s comments* about Book A Librarian:

  1. “Every student should do this at least once. They are so helpful!”
  2. “Great program. Keep it up”
  3. “Great resource and help for students to have”
  4. “I had a wonderful experience with Book A Librarian for my research paper. I found it extremely helpful and informative”
  5. “They saved me hours of work…and showed me how to do it more effectively… I learn more every time I book a Librarian”

*from your course’s student evaluations, spring 2019


We’re excited for CFLERPA!

The Library is excited to launch the Clifton Fowler Library Exemplary Research Paper Award, CFLERPA, this semester!  It is open to current junior and senior undergrad students who are invited to submit a research paper they’ve written during this 2018-2019 academic year.  The Library faculty will read, review and select the award winning paper and the student will be announced at the April 30th Awards Chapel.  CFLERPA includes a $100 cash award.  Please see the library’s CFLERPA page for details.

Marking time in the New Year

A new year begins every January in our calendar year.  Above is another calendar; the Church Year or Liturgical Year.  Our lives and years are marked by our own and our family’s birthdays, anniversaries and special events and celebrations.  Likewise, the Church Year marks the life of Christ and the life of the early church and helps us to mark and to remind us of their importance and significance.

CCU faculty at ETS

We are proud of seven CCU faculty who wonderfully represented CCU by presenting at the Evangelical Theological Society conference in Denver in November!  Thank you, Drs. Devore and Kotter, Professor Plato, Drs. Rodriquez, Steward, Waggoner and Watson.  Congratulations, faculty!

Political Engagement and the Christian

It’s fall and today in Colorado it’s snowing (Colorado does that)!  This fall is a midterm election (Nov 6) and our local ballot is a long one.  What’s a citizen and Christian to do?  Register to vote  (the deadline to register by mail or online is Oct. 29. Residents can register in person by Election Day.)  Then vote!  But first do your own research and vote as smartly and wisely as you can.  Don’t save this to the last minute because this is like homework; especially this year it’ll take some time.  Pray before voting.  Vote as you see best and fit and not just how another is voting.

Theme for the year: Being Human

Please join the Clifton Fowler Library on Friday, September 14, from 6 pm – 8:30 pm when we welcome artists from the Religious Academy at Grant Avenue and the Christos Collective for their art installation on “Being Human”, the theme for CCU’s Symposium this year.  See how these artists conceptualized and created their art on this theme of “Being Human”.  Meet Paul Grass, John Stadler and others from the Religious Academy and Sandy Ceas and Katina Lowe from the Christos Collective.  Walk through the library to view this new art installation and enjoy food and music as well.

We also invite you to attend the Symposium the following Monday evening 17th and Tuesday 18th!

Summer at the CCU Library

Summertime is a perfect time to relax and read a few good books!  Please see our carousel of Dr. James Emery White’s “Twenty-five books toward a Christian Worldview” at this link.  Dr. White is the author of A Mind for God. Every year, shortly after Memorial Day, Dr. James White offers 10 titles as a suggested summer reading list.  He says, “these are books that I have either read over the past year or plan to read myself over the summer. Most are brand new. A few, here and there, may be older works that I’m only now discovering myself or wanting to re-read. They are often a blend of history, fiction, biography and more.  Here are his 2018 titles, listed in alphabetical order by author.”

Dr. James White spoke at CCU and is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, NC, a professor of theology and culture at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and where he also served as their fourth president. His latest book, Meet Generation Z: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World, is available through the CCU Library.

Welcome, summer!

First we congratulate all CCU Graduates and students completing the spring semester!  Please view the slide show above to view some outstanding seniors at CCU!  We will see you at commencement.  Best wishes to you!

The Library faculty are submitting their highlights and annual reports before turning to the summer semester and some personal time off.  The library will start summer hours on May 14th and of course, the E resources are always available!

A season of Lent

First we CONGRATULATE Shane Ratzell, Information Services Librarian, on being promoted to Associate Librarian faculty rank.  Shane, we are proud of you and this is much deserved!

We are in Lent starting February 14.  It feels a bit odd with Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day falling on the same Day.  May you have a meaningful 40 day season of Lent!

The library celebrates the publishing work of the CCU faculty with our slide show above.  Research and publication of that research, producing a new score, writing a book or contributing a chapter in a book is a critical scholarly activity for an institution.  Congratulations, faculty!

We will soon announce a new library faculty person who will join our team in March.